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Programming Devices for Contronic 3 – The Compact Programming Computer for C3 Assembly Units

With the aid of the M801 programming computer, user programs for the freely configurable Contronic 3 assembly units (MZ01, MZ03, XU12, XU13, XU14, SL04, SL05) can be created, modified and translated. The compiled Contronic 3 user programs can be transferred via an external EPROM burner.

The programming device developed by 3P Automation replaces the M601 as well as the M801 from Hartmann & Braun. In addition to the complete range of functions of the old devices, our new product offers the advantages of new and robust hardware with compact dimensions. The programming device for Contronic 3 is available in two different versions. You will receive it from us in the hardware-based version or as a Virtual Machine (VM).

In addition, we can also read out the parameters of your programs.

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